Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Castlefield's Reflections

Castlefield is one of my study cases, together with Salford Quays (Great Manchester), Düsseldorf's Rheinuferpromenade, Lyon's Berges de Rhône, Port Rambaud, and Saarbrücken's project Stadtmitte am Fluss. The idea is to learn from the strategies experienced in these revitalization projects and point out an agenda to the revitalization of the Pinheiros River in São Paulo, where I lived and studied before coming to Germany for the thesis.

Here are some beautiful pictures from Castlefield, taken by Clem Rutter, who became a good friend during my thesis-marathon-work and has been correcting my English as an accurate native speaker, besides making precious comments and bringing me to reflect more about the work I have been doing. (The pictures are in Wikimedia Commons as well).

Info and my reflections about the area, which apparently is today not as vibrant as it used to be some years ago, will follow. I leave you for the moment with the beautiful reflections of Castlefield's historic infrastructure elements.


Anonymous said...

Belos projetos,quase tão belos quanto a criadora desta blog.Absolutamente encantadora.

Daniela Rizzi said...

Anônimo, obrigada "pelas flores".