Thursday, April 2, 2009

Activate Public Awareness

Last year the artist Eduardo Srur tried to call the attention to the alarming situation of São Paulo's water pollution and the negation of the river as part of the public realm.

Image source: Pra ver e Pensar

From Srur's website:
"PETS, 2008 - Urban Intervention consisting of 20 monumental inflatables in the form of colored pet bottles along the margins of the Tietê River between the Limão and Casa Verde bridges in the city of São Paulo. A special lighting system activates the giant sculptures visually during the night. The work will be seen by more than 1.500.000 people daily. During the exhibition, 8000 school children from state schools will have access through monitored visits by boat on the river. The public will also be able to make the boat trip. Once the exhibition has closed, all the material used to produce the inflatables will be transferred into backpacks and donated. The work, 'PETS' is an integral part of the 'Nearly Liquid Exhibition', with Cauê Alves as curator ad Itaú Cultural responsible for organization and production."

To see a video about the Project (in portuguese) click here.

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